K and C's Spring Engagement Session at Falls Park in Pendleton, Indiana

“From the first moment that we touched, your arms felt like home.” — John Mark Green

A week before our engagement session, a couple tornadoes came through our small Pendleton town and tried to wreak some havoc. Luckily for us, the community really came together to help clean up all of the fallen trees in the park and we were still able to use one of my favorite photography spots for couples who are engaged in Pendleton.

Brown Family Photography Session | Greenfield Family Photographer

Families that laugh together; stay together

I love meeting up with my couples again to photograph their families so when Sarah emailed me and said she wanted to do a family photography session for her mom and dad in honor of their upcoming anniversary. Its so hard to get all of the kids together so being able to meet up at a local park and grab some photos for these two really made me so happy! It helps that the entire Brown family are hilarious and laugh so easily. It didn’t even matter that it was literally 105 degrees outside that day. I’m pretty sure this family is powered by love (and lots of water)

Vow Renewal Photography in Indiana

“And I will love you…even if we’re just energy out in the universe.” — I, the Mighty

Sometimes life can get busy and overwhelming and just plain rough. Social media has made it even harder with the need to keep up appearances and have a “perfect” life. But we all know the truth. I’ve been married for over ten years and there are times when I can’t imagine loving anyone as much as I love my husband and also days where the stresses of life get so overwhelming that marriage just seems like another task. We have to bring ourselves back to each other in the hard times and celebrate the easy. Your partner has the unique position of being the only person who knows what your life is actually like.

It aint easy, folks. But when you find that person that brings you back—time and time again—you know that you’ve found your soulmate <3

Julia and Robert's Vow Renewal Photography Session in Lafayette, Indiana

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere so just keep rolling under the stars.” — Jack Kerouac

So I had this idea to create a Vow Renewal Photography Session for couples who didn’t get the wedding they wanted…or just wanted to do something a little off beat. I got married in high school. We literally spent $50 and I often tell my clients that I live vicariously through their awesome wedding days. So, I understand when people can’t afford big weddings.

Julia and Robert were so excited to help me out seeing if my plan would even actually work, haha. They were completely down to go anywhere I told them. Even when I said that their Ceremony location was going to be on the roof of a parking garage.

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