My name is Catlin and I am obsessed with storytelling. From the never ending library of movie references in my head to the three thousand song playlist that I keep on my phone, that feeling of being a part of something is never far. In school I would scratch out notebooks full of short stories in between classes and spend way too many hours staring out the window, daydreaming.

I never saw myself as an artist. That was always my sister's thing. Did I mention I had an older sister? Her name is Nicki and she's pretty cool. She had the artist gene, painting and drawing and winning all kinds of awards. I just liked to watch people. That didn't seem like art back then.

That all changed my senior year of high school. It started in a modern history class where we studied events that were documented by some truly fearless photographers and I discovered that photography is like being immortal. Those cultures that thought that a photo could steal your soul were right. A photo does steal your soul...but it doesn't do it any harm, just keeps that spark of a memory from fading and it keeps your story going for hundreds and hundreds of years.

I got married that year, on the same day that I took my SAT (yes, you read that right), and officially started my business a few weeks after graduation. I wanted to tell people's stories and miracle of miracles people trusted me to do so. I have photographed over 200 weddings and 300 families! Not one of them was boring.

We bought a duplex in Anderson, Indiana in 2013 so that my mother could live with us...but not with us ;) In my free time I can be found reading, watching only the finest of television & movie/nerd youtube channels, and trying to plan what the heck my husband and I should do for our ten year anniversary 0.o I'm also working on a novel series; think Game of Thrones meets Outlander meets Link & Zelda. Its a lot of fun. Maybe you'll see it on a shelf one day.

A little about gif form

I still play Pokemon Go. Feel free to add me :D