Boudoir Guide

So you've decided to do a boudoir session. AWESOME! Congrats on stepping out of your comfort zone and celebrating your beautiful self! But where do you start? What do you wear? So many questions! This page will give you some info, so you can make your session great :)

What to Wear: Regular Clothes (you don't have to be naked to be beautiful!)

What to Wear: Sporty (Sports Bra, Underwear, Tank Top)

What to Wear: Prop/Accessories (Sports Team, Leather Jacket, Item that represents a hobby)

What to Wear: Lingerie - Romper

What to Wear: Lingerie - Bodysuit/Teddy

What to Wear: Lingerie - Bustier

What to Wear: Lingerie - Corset

What to Wear: Lingerie - Babydoll

What to Wear: Lingerie - Bra (Pushup or Balconette is best)

What to Wear: Lingerie - Underwear (Buy a size bigger than you need to prevent unflattering lines)

What to Wear: Lingerie - Garter Belt

What to Wear: Fashion/Dress-up/Glamour (I keep all kinds of fun fabrics in my studio to make cool dresses out of your lingerie)

What to Wear: Bridal (white lingerie, veil, wedding ring/engagement ring, wedding shoes, wedding hair piece or flower crown or tiara, your actual wedding dress *I keep a white tulle skirt in my studio too*)

What to Wear: Implied Nude (strategic fabric placement)

What to Wear: Full Nude (we chat beforehand to see what your comfort level is and what you want to hide. All nude photos are done tastefully and artistically)

What to Wear: Creative (My creative brain loves it getting weird. Let me know if you want to do something outside of traditional. I get a lot of inspiration from music videos, do you have one you want to replicate?) 

How should I wear my makeup?

I recommend staying true to your natural style. If you typically wear a natural look, start with that and then add a more dramatic look towards the end of your session.

How should I wear my hair?

Once again, stick with your natural style. I personally like the "just rolled out of bed" / non perfect styles that reflect every day wear. Soft curls also looks great!

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