Brown Family Photography Session | Greenfield Family Photographer

Families that laugh together; stay together

I love meeting up with my couples again to photograph their families so when Sarah emailed me and said she wanted to do a family photography session for her mom and dad in honor of their upcoming anniversary. Its so hard to get all of the kids together so being able to meet up at a local park and grab some photos for these two really made me so happy! It helps that the entire Brown family are hilarious and laugh so easily. It didn’t even matter that it was literally 105 degrees outside that day. I’m pretty sure this family is powered by love (and lots of water)

2018 Christmas Mini Sessions in the Anderson, Indiana Studio

I had a wonderful time opening up the studio to families to use for Christmas mini sessions this year! It was so much fun getting to see so many littles with their smiles and wonder and personality. Anyone who has been following me for a while knows that “posed” isn’t really my specialty but I feel like I bought my candid style and the posed style together to really capture some great stuff for families.

I have Kayla DeShong to thank for that. She brought up her son, Cole, for a one year session up in the studio when the weather was too hot to shoot outside and really encouraged me to shoot more in my own space.

So, if you are looking for an indoor session that isn’t your own house, go ahead and send me a message. The Anderson, Indiana Photography Studio is now open for sessions <3

Why Kids Hate Photos Just as Much as You Do

I had a father of a newborn say to me during a newborn photography session, "If you think about it, babies have only been alive for a few weeks, so every little thing that happens to them is literally the worst thing to happen in their whole lives. That's why they cry all the time." It was the perfect analogy? metaphor? verbalization? of a belief I've held for a long time. It's why I run my sessions differently.

A mother, visiting a local outdoor museum with her kids, puts sunscreen on her oldest despite his protests. She knows that protection from the sun in in his best interest, even if he thinks it is literally the worst thing to ever happen to him. (Family Photography in Carmel, Indiana)

Kids are just like adults. They are nervous about having their photos done in the first place. On top of that, a stranger (who is hiding behind a black box for most of the time) is following them around and their parents are stressed and worried. No matter how old you are, when your parents are stressed and worried it makes you uncomfortable. They have ALL the life experience. They are your cue that something is wrong. Sometimes even too much excitement can trigger a child into the "oh god, why is everyone yelling at me face." haha. It's a careful balance of moving the dial up and down based on how kids are reacting.

A father holds his baby in their living room during a family photography session in Anderson, Indiana. Relaxed, and in their own environment, both kids and parents can get better photos that show more personality. Candid family photography is just now starting to get popular in Indiana.

This is why I like to do an activity during our sessions. Going for walks or playing at a park can help break up the "stand still and smile" monotony of photos. It's no longer a "performance". It's just playing. It's also why sometimes I'll put down the camera all together. A stranger behind a box is scary, but an adult who gets down on your level and takes an interest in that particularly cool rock that you just found is your friend...and smiles come easily around friends.

A family sits down to read a story together during their family photography session in Indianapolis. A new baby is always a hard transition for toddlers so we skipped the Big Sister book and read her favorite one instead, a book about robots. Candid family photos are getting more popular in Indiana as families look for photos that offer something a little different than everyone else.